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Businesses to Start On Instagram Today

Being a digital social media platform, Instagram has gained a lot of popularity since its release. Along with providing an excellent way for people to share about themselves with their family, friends, and even the whole world, Instagram has provided a perfect opportunity for businesses to grow as well. With over one billion users, Instagram lets businesses showcase themselves, their products, and their services to a variety of people they would not have been able to do with conventional methods.

But which business should you choose for your Instagram? Read on to know about the businesses that can flourish on Instagram and bring you the money you have always wanted.

10 Businesses to start on Instagram

Here are a few businesses to start on Instagram and grow them by taking advantage of the platform:

Instagram Business Idea 01 – DIY, Arts, and Crafts:

Making your own things can be highly satisfying but helping others learn them is even better. If you are someone who uses everyday objects to turn them into something even more helpful, then you can utilize this talent of yours to make you a lot of money through Instagram.

You can post your DIY tutorials to show and teach others as well as sell your hand-made items by posting about them on Instagram. From small home decor items to DIY gifts wraps, the possibilities are endless. Furthermore, once you have a significant amount of followers, you can get sponsored by the brands whose items you might be using in your creations.

Instagram Business Idea 02 – Artist and Painter:

If you are good at sketching portraits or it’s your hobby painting a landscape, you can utilize your skills and make them for people who want custom-made drawings. You can showcase your talent on Instagram by posting images of the sketches that you created or even some timelapse of behind the scenes of the whole painting process. And lastly, just like with the DIY arts and crafts business on Instagram, you can get sponsored goodies and equipment from different relevant brands.

Instagram Business Idea 03 – Calligrapher:

Just like the previous two businesses to start on Instagram, you can provide people with calligraphy services. From hand-made exclusive wedding/event invitations to some aesthetic custom-made title sign for a shop, you can put yourself in front of a much larger audience by making an Instagram account for your business.

Instagram Business Idea 04 – Pet Model:

Do you have a pet who does all these adorable things that you love to show to your family and friends? Well, you can capture and post videos and pictures of your pets on Instagram and show the world just how cute they are. You can make your pet do different things and record their actions, like having your cat try a new food item or training your parrot to say hello. Once your pet has a good number of followers, companies from the pet industry will also want to partner with you.

Instagram Business Idea 05 – Nutritionists and Dietitians:

Do you happen to know a lot about different food items, what should be the nutritional intake, and how you can have a healthy diet schedule? Use your expertise to guide people and help them in selecting the right diet for a healthy life. You can post about the different health benefits of certain food items, like fish for a heart patient, or post success stories of how you helped people counter their increasing obesity. With this, you can get direct orders from many of your Instagram audience.

Instagram Business Idea 06 – Dropshipper:

With a dropshipping business on Instagram, you are just acting as a middleman between the customer and the supplier. You just have to list the supplier’s products on your Instagram account, advertise them and tell your followers why they should buy that specific product, and voila! If your Instagram audience likes the products that you show on your Instagram, they can purchase from the website. But the good part is that you don’t have to worry about packing or shipping the order to the customer. Everything outside Instagram’s dropshipping account is taken care of by the supplier.

Instagram Business Idea 07 – Food Lover:

If you are someone who loves to try out new food places and restaurants, you can turn your love for food into a business on Instagram. You can go to new places and give reviews about their menu, the taste, the restaurant’s ambience and atmosphere, their service, and anything related to them. In the beginning, you will have to pay for everything yourself, but as your Instagram account grows, restaurants will start to ask you themselves to visit their place and give feedback about it on your account.

Instagram Business Idea 08 – Travel Ambassador:

Do you love to travel? You can become a travel ambassador for any tourism company in your region and promote them on your Instagram account. Partnering up with them will give you a chance to visit all of the places they are arranging their tours to, and that too for free! All you need to do is let your Instagram followers know about it, be a source of attracting tourists for the company you are an ambassador of, and enjoy your partnership.

Instagram Business Idea 09 – Fitness Coach:

Are you a fitness freak? Do you follow a strict diet and exercise routine every day to ensure your fitness? Well, you can turn your fitness into a business on Instagram. You can make tutorials about how to perform a specific exercise, share your diet ingredients with your followers, and become a fitness coach by teaching and guiding your Instagram customers. With this, you can not only make some cash by helping people with their fitness, but you can also get the advantage of sponsorships from various fitness-related businesses.

Instagram Business Idea 10 – Custom Products:

Selling custom products is an excellent way to do business on Instagram. There are a lot of different products that you can get custom-made from various manufacturers and sell on Instagram. You can provide shirts with printed names, phone covers with people’s favourite characters on their back, cups and mugs with custom engraved morning quotes, or even something as small as colourful bookmarks with signature lines from a book. The choice is yours. Whichever option seems suitable for you, just market it well on your Instagram, and you will get yourself loads of potential customers.

So, here are ten different businesses to start on Instagram. You just need to select the one that suits you, your expertise, and your lifestyle well and go with it. It may seem a bit hard initially, but with the right business on Instagram, consistency, and hard work, you will soon start to see all the progress you ever wanted.

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